Income & Expenditure Form

If you have received a letter from us for an outstanding debt and are unable to pay it off in one payment then you will need to complete the below income and expenditure form or download the form in Word format here.

An income and expenditure form will help our client assess your proposals put forth and allow them to make an informed decision when considering whether or not to accept the repayment offer made by you.


  • Please complete the form with as much information as possible.
  • Please complete the form as a Monthly income and outgoing.
  • If you wish to include only your income in the financial statement instead of the full household income, you can only include the bills that you pay, or your specific contribution to a bill that is paid jointly.
  • We may require proof of your income and expenditure.


  • 1 About you
  • 3 Benefit
  • 4 House
  • 5 Utility
  • 6 Travel
  • 7 Living
  • 8 Debts
  • 9 Further information
  • 10 Offer
  • 11 Agree

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