Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity

Carrick Read supports a number of charitable causes throughout the year from The Pendsey Trust, a charity we continually support, to specific events such as The Leeds Big Sleep 2019.

The Pendsey Trust

Carrick Read is particularly proud to support The Pendsey Trust, a small charity which aims to provide educational and vocational opportunities for young people living with Type 1 diabetes in desperate poverty in India. In many places worldwide an affordable supply of life-saving insulin is not readily available to those in need and many face an uncertain future.

The Pendsey Trust funds scholarships for such individuals to attend school or vocational training so that they can look forward to future employment and the chance to afford the costs of this incurable condition. The charity also offers the opportunity to sponsor the medical costs of a child until they are able to sustain these themselves, and Carrick Read is delighted to be able to do this for 13 year old Nandhini, who is thriving physically and educationally, and hopes to become a nurse. Carrick Read have recently donated a bike to a child sponsored by The Pendsey Trust which enables the child to attend school and also particularly for girls to make their journey to school safely.

The Pendsey Trust is run by unpaid volunteers ensuring that all donations received reach those in need and are proud to have capped their sponsorship scheme at 100 children allowing them to focus on the educational grants which will enable the children to ultimately become self-supporting adults.

To find out more about the activities of The Pendsey Trust, please visit or alternatively you can view the most recent updates on the Pendsey Trust YouTube page.






Diversity SRA Survey 2021 - Results

Gender Female 60% Male 40% Prefer not to say 0%

Transgender Yes 0% No 100%

Disability Yes 0% No 100%

Sexual Orientation Heterosexual 100%

Ethnic Group White British 100%

Parents attended university Yes 40% No 60%

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