Corporate Social Responsibility

The Pendsey Trust

Whilst Carrick Read supports a number of other good causes throughout the year, including Sport Relief and Red Nose Day.

Carrick Read is particularly proud to support The Pendsey Trust, a small charity which aims to provide educational and vocational opportunities for young people living with Type 1 diabetes in desperate poverty. In many places worldwide. An affordable supply of life-saving insulin is not available to these individuals, and many face an uncertain future.

The Pendsey Trust funds scholarships for such individuals to attend school or vocational training so that they can look forward to future employment and the chance to afford the costs of this incurable condition. The charity also offers the opportunity to sponsor the medical costs of a child until they are able to sustain these themselves, and Carrick Read is delighted to be able to do this for 13 year old Nandhini, pictured left.

To find out more about the activities of The Pendsey Trust, please visit

Of major importance is the emphaisis on ensuring that nearly all funds received reach those who need them most because the Trust is run by unpaid volunteers.

The Pendsey Trust's most recent video features one such volunteer,  Catriona Laycock, who works tirelessly to oversee our growing child sponsorship scheme. In the video, she tells us a little bit about how the scheme operates, and why this work is so important to her. You can also spot lots of our existing sponsor children featuring in the video, and looking so happy and well!

Sadly, the number of children waiting for a sponsor continues to grow, and we have a waiting list of young people who are currently unable to afford the cost of their own medication. As we are such a small charity, this really is an opportunity to directly help a child and their family with affordable payments of £16 a month. As the video details, sponsors are able to write to their sponsor child, and even visit if you are feeling brave!

The Pendsey Trust Christmas Card

Carrick Read continue to actively support The Pendsey Trust and were delighted to send their Christmas cards as the firm card this year, this was the first year the charity had produced cards and the design proved very popular.

All the proceeds from the Christmas card sales apart from the cost of printing went to the charity as it is entirely volunteer run. The card  design was also drawn without charge by a supporter, a young graphic designer Andrew Finnie.


Nandhini Update 2017

We have had our annual report on Carrick Read’s sponsor child Nandhini and we are delighted to learn she is coping well with her diabetes with the help of The Pendsey Trust and is also having her schooling paid for by us.

We sent some small gifts recently for her and she is pictured (right) at the diabetes clinic receiving them.