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With the ever increasing court fees creditors are finding it harder and more expensive to recover their smaller debts, resulting in more bad debt being written off than ever before.


We know how credit control can be time consuming and expensive to a business, but outsourcing your bad debt to Carrick Read can free up cash flow and time for your business. Contrary to popular belief, it can save you a lot more than it costs to chase in-house.

To assist you in this area Carrick Read have a ‘Collections route’.


So confident are we in our abilities that we offer this full Pre-Legal Recovery Service on a ‘No Recovery, No Fee’ basis.

We are able to offer a letter, telephone, email and SMS recovery service at very reasonable and competitive rates ideal for those small value accounts which you wouldn’t want to pursue through a court.



To find out more and receive a quote for this service please
contact us on 0113 2467887 to discuss it with a member of our team. Or request a call back here.

Carrick Read Debt Recovery Team.


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