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CRi Debt Recovery

We are the debt recovery department of Carrick Read Insolvency Solicitors, a boutique law firm based in Leeds which has been specialising in Insolvency law since 2000. Our aim is to recoup the unpaid invoices and debts that plague businesses across the UK whilst making it as low maintenance as possible for the client.

Our team is made up of Legal Recoveries Executives, qualified Insolvency Solicitors and Insolvency Practitioners, making sure that the costly venture of court cases is in the safest and most experienced hands. We work within areas such as Commercial Debt Recovery, Road Traffic Accidents, Insolvency and more. Our existing clients encompass everyone from independent businesses up to large national firms, all receiving different and tailored services to fit their needs.



2016 has seen a digital revolution for our Debt Recovery team, with new features being rolled out to our existing clients. For example we have just launched our new online portal which enables 24/7 access to your files. No longer will you be in the dark on a case as the new ‘File View’ system shows the current debt outstanding, payments received, the latest High Court Enforcement Sheriff reports and many other features.



We have also invested in an innovative new in-house system, finely tuned to debt recovery procedures both pre and post-legal so that our team can deal with files quickly and efficiently. The system also enables us to send SMS reminders to debtors of upcoming payments due, decreasing the amount of missed payments.

Each client is allocated a specific member of our experienced team to handle files. They will be your first point of contact and you will have their emails and direct dial for any queries you may have.



If you want competitive fees and a flexible service tailored to your needs, then please get in touch with our successful debt recovery team on 01132467887 or email

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and we look forward to working with you.

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Mailing address: Carrick Read Insolvency Solicitors, 12 Park Place, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS1 2RU, United Kingdom